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Cruel and Unusual Punishment

We’re betting that David Berry Jr. will leave prison a reformed man next year. Not only was he slammed with a year-long jail sentence for deer poaching, but the Missouri judge who sentenced him also ordered that he watch the Disney movie Bambi in its entirety at least once a month during his incarceration.

I applaud a bit of creativity in the sentencing process, so I hope that the enforced movie watching trend will find its way into the Canadian courts. I can hardly wait to make submissions to the judge as to what movie my client should be forced to watch.

If  we are thinking only of Disney movies then I suppose a conviction for perjury should require the watching of Pinocchio, to teach the downside of fibbing. Smuggling ivory would pair well with binge watching Dumbo, and of course the Lion King for poaching big cats.

Casting the net  a bit wider, consider that the Godfather III is rated as one of the five worst gangster movies of all time-3dcde4e37e7a947e91e8ef10547c9f0b So very apropos for anyone convicted of gang-related crimes.

I think I would be leery of recommending a movie to a judge that I hadn’t actually seen myself but I confess I haven’t seen any of the movies ranked by the Internet as the five worst crime movies ever. Given a choice between watching them in recommending the blind I would probably go with one called Gigli, which pops up in every single Google search for “worst movies”

So dear reader, put your thinking cap on and make some suggestions- let the movie fit the crime- what movies would you require a miscreant to watch to atone for which crimes?

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