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Pro Bono Publico

We read with interest of the recent establishment of the Morgane Oger Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to public-interest advocacy and targeting inequality and discrimination in the application of our laws. Their focus will be on launching or supporting precedent setting court cases on behalf of marginalized groups, especially the trans-gendered.

The law can be a powerful force for social change, but precedents are expensive to establish and it takes a special breed of lawyer willing to eschew the financial rewards of private practice and in order to litigate instead in the public interest.

There are a small number of such organizations in British Columbia- the Pivot Legal Society comes to mind, as does West Coast LEAF-  the Woman’s Education Action Fund,  the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, and Ecojustice Canada.

The Morgane Oger Foundation is a welcome addition to this small band of gadflies, who are so important to our system, and we wish them well, and hope they will make some noise !

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